Goods in transit management in D365 F&SCM

The new landed cost module in D365 F&SCM allows to gain supply chain visibility and maximize item profitability. It is also designed specifically for Inbound shipping operations.

How to activate the landed cost module ?

In the Feature management workspace, turn on the landed cost feature

Go to the Landed cost module, then in the new Landed cost parameters form,  activate Show landed cost features. New fields will be displayed in several forms.

Master configuration

Activate Goods in transit management for terms of delivery (ex: FOB)

Create a Goods in transit warehouse

Set up Goods in transit main accounts

System process

Once the purchase order is confirmed, create the voyage. In the action pane, select Create new voyage

Fill in the Description, and the Vessel

Tick Select, then click on Add to staging list

Select View staging list

Select Add to new shipping container

Purchase order lines can be added to a single container or multiple containers within a single voyage.

Select the shipping container and the ship date

The voyage is now created.

Navigate to Landed cost > Voyages > All voyages

The vendor invoice is received the same day by email.

Go to Manage > Post invoice

The default quantity for lines should be Ordered quantity

Enter the invoice number and the invoice date, then click Post

A goods in transit order is created. Go to All voyages > General > Goods in transit orders

If we check the available stock quantity for the released product, the stock sits at the Goods in transit warehouse (FR GIT) and cannot be picked or sold.

You can receive the goods in transit order from that page. Select Receive

Accruals for goods in transit are automatically booked.


Navigate to Landed cost > Periodic tasks > Goods in transit orders


Voyage = distinct movement from an outbound location to a specific inbound warehouse location over a specific time period

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