D365 Finance – What a change !!

D365 Finance has evolved significantly for a couple of years. I would like to highlight what are the new features that are a game changer.

The full scope of Finance can be managed in D365 Finance. The weak point remains the cost controlling scope if I may say.

I try to make you discover those new features in my blog.

I ended up with that list but I forget probably even more.

● Feature management

● Cross-data sharing management (Payment terms, customers, vendors…)

● Electronic reporting

● Business document management

● Electronic invoicing add-on (Ex: Italy, Mexico…)

● Credit management (New module)

● Cost accounting (New module)

● Asset leasing (New module)

● Payment automation

● Credit reminder automation

● Dual currency (Two functional currencies) *

● Revenue recognition

● Cancel Bank reconciliation

● Reverse Journal posting

● Trial balance report with transactional detail and unposted GL transactions

● Fixed asset reports (ex: FA roll forward report, Fixed asset movements…)

● Regulatory requirements (FEC, DAS2…)

● Native integration with Kyriba

● Landed costs (New module)

● Rebate management (New module)

* A quick focus on dual currency.

Your business operates in a currency which is different from the local currency. Following IFRS rules, the functional currency will be the currency in which your business operates. For instance in the gas industry, the USD would be the functional currency. That means you need to maintain a trial balance in both currencies, i.e. the functional currency and the local currency.

Stay tuned to discover all those exciting features !!

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